General Colorado

Welcome to Colorado, consistently voted one of the best places to live in the United States. With its unparalleled Rocky Mountain beauty, Colorado is a year-round haven for outdoor enthusiasts and ranks annually among the healthiest states. The state is rich in culture of the American West and has a welcoming business climate.


Colorado boasts 300+ days of sun a year, making it one of the country’s sunniest states. With an average elevation of 6,800 above sea level – the highest of any state – Colorado’s temperatures and humidity stay moderate year-round for most of the state. Local weather is affected greatly by varying elevation. Although a portion of the state is rugged mountain terrain, the eastern region is more akin to the neighboring plains of Kansas and Nebraska, with hotter summer temperatures but much less humidity. Colorado’s annual snowfall totals, among the highest of western states, fuels the state’s world-renowned ski scene. Colorado’s mountains average over 200 inches of snow a year while Denver and the surrounding areas average just over 50 inches a year.


Home to some of the nation’s best whitewater rafting, ATVing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding… and just about any outdoor activity imaginable, Colorado has something for everyone. With 53 of the 96 U.S. mountain peak with an elevation of 14,000 feet or more (AKA fourteeners) residing here in Colorado, it is not uncommon for Coloradans to schedule their summer plans around the hikes and peaks they intend to summit. With four major professional sports teams all in Denver, whatever season it may be, you can be sure to catch a great sporting event no matter what the season. And while some folks do get dressed up to go out, it is not unusual to dine with those who are coming or going to a game or who have just finished a hike… giving casual chic a whole new meaning! With a nationally acclaimed Children’s museum, free entry for children to the Denver museums, and plenty indoor and outdoor recreation parks, children will never have a shortage of activities in Denver and any other Colorado city. For those history aficionados, we strongly recommend the Denver History Museum as our state has a rich and interesting history. By starting off here, any future outing will be a hands-on exploration of our beautiful state.


More than 10 percent of the nation’s craft breweries can be found in Colorado, that equates to nearly 230 established breweries, not too shabby. These breweries consist of popular brands including New Belgium Brewing Company, Great Divide Brewing and Breckenridge Brewery, to name a few. Interested in trying a few? Check out the famous “Great American Beer Festival,” which features 400 craft brewers and 1,800 different brews.

Wellness of Living

Second only to Hawaii, Colorado is the happiest state in the country according to overall satisfaction of the residents.

The fifth most active state in the country, Coloradans are a very healthy people. In 2013, Colorado ranked in as the second least obese state, with only 20.4 percent of its residents qualifying as obese. To put that in perspective, Mississippi was the highest at 35.4%. Every Coloradan is expected to love at least three different sports, depending on what season it is. Sure, there’s skiing and snowboarding in the winter, but the summer months shine a whole new light on Colorado making things like white water rafting, rock climbing, and mountain biking possible.

Hunting enthusiasts have their pick with over 23 million acres of public land to hunt on. Big game, small game, waterfowl, turkey, pheasant, and quail hunting are all extremely popular and well managed by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department.

When friends from out-of-town come to visit, get ready for them to take a lot of pictures. A simple drive to the grocery store will give them at least 30 photo opts. . With a view of the Rocky Mountains and the Flatirons in the background, any shot instantly becomes better.

One of the reasons Colorado is such a pretty place to be is that Coloradans truly respect their backyard. Nobody litters and everyone cleans up after each other. Not only do Coloradans respect the land, but they respect each other. Colorado is the perfect blend of Midwestern friendliness and the laid-back West Coast. There’s always someone willing to help you pick up a new sport or give you a lift down the road. The people from Colorado for a unique sort of family, making the state truly one-of-a-kind.

Cost of Living

Colorado has some of the lowest property taxes in the country! Currently ranked number 6 in the United States, Colorado’s effective Real Estate Tax is 0.57%. In the US, the cost of living varies from state to state and is determined by factors such as the availability of natural resources, food and housing, as well as local and state taxes and the costs of education and healthcare. That’s why an island state like Hawaii can be extremely expensive to call home, and a state like Kentucky, where the availability of land and local production of food helps keep prices low, can be much more affordable.