Insider Tips

Buy Like an Insider
The Billy Van Heusen Team spends hours daily looking at housing trends in the Denver and greater Colorado area. We look to stay updated on new houses on the market, pay attention the rise and drop of prices, the days on market averages, and ensure we can provide informed to our clients or anyone looking for up-to-date information on the Denver real estate market.

While some are proprietary industry tools that we cannot share, there are two tools that we find empower clients more so than the tools that are readily out there for people looking to invest in real estate. We will give you a brief explanation here and recommend you try them for yourself. Give us a call st 720.507.4245 and we can help you get set up!

This is an app that at a first glance may look like other common real estate search engines. However, the reason why we recommend this one is for a few simple reasons:
-It has current up-to-date relevant information (many other sites take time to sync they information to the MLS
-It gives you only facts and not an estimate base on an inaccurate algorithm
-It allows you to talk to us as soon as you see a house so we can get a full report on it for you.
A tool that we haven’t seen other apps have that this one provides is that you can take a photo of a house while you’re walking by it and the app will provide all the MLS information that is available for that property.

While this is a tool that is made specifically for real estate industry experts only, they have created the ability for agents to create market analysis pages for buyers that, much like ourselves, like to geek out on numbers and graphs to see what is happening in specific areas, neighborhoods, or zip code.
Once you have purchased your house, it will give you a true analysis of your home value in relation to the loan you have taken out, allowing you to make informed decisions for your future (should I sell? Can I sell? What can I afford if I buy another property?).